It's our ability to mill our own lumber that gives us so many unique opportunities with our projects.

We work closely with arborists, tree removal & demolition companies from all over the tri-state and beyond to consistently procure the most highly desirable hardwood logs and reclaimed materials available. All of these trees are either fallen or "danger" trees that need to be taken down as they have been deemed unsafe or undesirable to their owners.  We are able to save these trees from becoming firewood, mulch or plain discarded and give them a second life as heirloom furniture.  All of our lumber is air-dried for years before being moved into our dehumidification kiln, where it's moisture content is brought down further, to the right level for indoor use. This type of kiln system allows the wood to dry at a steady rate, preserving it's natural color. Being in complete control of the milling process has its advantages. It allows us to closely assess each piece of raw timber for future projects. It's that vision and ability that sets us apart. We are not confined to "lumber yard standards", We create our own standards.